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 FREE HEA modular course:         Credits leading to QQI qualification:

Budget Management                                               Certificate in Applied Management

Collaborative Practice & Teamwork                      BA in Social Care

Managing Individualised Services                         Higher Certificate in Applied Management

Creative Problem Solving & Action Learning       Higher Certificate in Applied Management

Project Management                                               BA in Applied Management


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Safeguarding Vulnerable Persons at Risk of Abuse – Open Online Course


Important Note: The OTC is providing this course free of charge to those who wish to refresh their knowledge around safeguarding. However, the free access route does not produce a Certificate of Completion for the participant. Please contact Conor on cmurray@opentrainingcollege.com to arrange payment for, and delivery of the course which contains the Certification option.

The new Safeguarding Vulnerable Persons at Risk of Abuse online course provided by the Open Training College can now be accessed as follows: 

1. The course is available as a free resource for all organisations here until January 2019. You can progress through the course systematically or access any part of the course that contains the materials you want to review. The course can be accessed below by pressing the blue button. Note the open access route does not monitor an individual’s completion of the course or provide certification. 

2. If you are a manager and you would like the opportunity to monitor a group of staff or an individual staff member’s progress through the course, the Open Training College would be more than happy to help. The Open Training College is offering tracking and certification for course completion for the purposes of CPD for staff at all levels. Contact elearning@opentrainingcollege.com to discuss the process and the cost involved.

3. If you are an individual and would like to complete the course and get certification for your job, CPD portfolio or CV contact us at elearning@opentrainingcollege.com, and we will provide you with details on how to pay and log in details to access the certified course.

Project Overview

The National Federation of Voluntary Bodies, St. Michaels House and the Open Training College aimed to ‘increase capacity of all staff and service users, within National Federation of voluntary bodies (NFVB) agencies. In relation to key information on the safeguarding of vulnerable people as outlined in the National Policy “Safeguarding Vulnerable Persons at Risk of Abuse” published in December 2014 and how this impacts on their local service policy and is supported by good organisational culture.’ (“Culture manifests what is important, valued and accepted in an Organisation. It is not easily changed nor is it susceptible to change merely by a pronouncement, command or the declaration of a new vision. At its most basic it can be reduced to the observation the way things are done around here”.)

Completion of this course provides you with the information you require to support your practice until you have to complete the HSE Safeguarding Vulnerable Persons classroom- based course. It is not a substitute for it.

Click here to complete the course