GDPR Online

A general GDPR online course for agencies in Ireland.

Disability Understood

Photo of olympic torch being carriedThis course is designed to look at how disability is perceived in mainstream society. What are the facts? What model of disability is predominant? What are the rules of disability etiquette? Why are rights, equality and accessibility important factors and how are they supported (or not)?  How is disability dealt with by sport and media? And how the cardinal rule is nothing about us without us.

This resource is a collection of best practice resources that is supported through links, documents and videos with your understanding assessed at the end of each module.

A useful resource for public/private sector workers, students of social studies, social care, human services and anyone who wants to know the key issues involved in including this valuable group of citizens.

Infection Prevention and Control SMH 2020

An online course that explores the key principles of Infection Prevention and Control. 

Average Completion Time - 90 minutes