SMH - Using YourOTC


To support training and communications during the public health emergency SMH is using

The platform provides staff with access to online training modules, the most recent communication posts, policies, contacts and more.

Also available to staff are quick access links to COVID-19 support resources and staff wellbeing and mental health resources. All on one platform for you. Below are links to key resources and areas on

Click the link and enter your username and password.

Any issues along the way contact us at Direct Access

Up-to-date Communications

Click here to access the most recent communication announcements from SMH.

Online Training

Click here to access the Online Training Modules for Staff

SMH Organisational Policies

Click here to access a range of SMH organisational policies.

Other SMH Areas

SMH MRT Online Fire Training

Click here to access a suite of minimum required fire training online courses and supports.

SMH COVID-19 Resource Module

Click here to access the SMH COVID Resource Module. It is mandatory for all staff to have completed this module.

SMH Online Parent Supports

Click here to access online courses and information resources for SMH parents.

SMH QQI Service User Training Resources

Click here to access QQI Level 2 & 3 service user resources.

SMH Organisation Orientation

Click here to access all the SMH online modules for new employees.

Contact Us

Please contact us if you need to confirm your username and password or you are having any technical issues at

Last modified: Thursday, 11 March 2021, 8:20 AM